1. Analysis and drafting of contracts;
  2. Advice of financial products;
  3. Analysis and establishment of contractual guarantees;
  4. Formation of Venture Capital Funds;
  5. Legal Aid to banks.
  1. Contractual and tort liability;
  2. Corporate disputes in order - from parassociais agreements, obligations and responsibilities of corporate shareholders.
  3. Legal proceedings relating to property, particularly the disputes arising from the implementation and termination of leases, contracts promise of sale, transfer of exploration, real estate services, as well as burdens and costs, system compropriedade, possessory actions, claim of ownership and protective measures (bans, restitution and forfeiture);
  4. Referrals, including referrals designated institutional, national and conventional;
  5. Conflict of Consumption - Sell and defective, warranty, non-compliance with contracts;
  6. Charges - injunction, orders, returns and shares executive actions;
  7. Insolvency proceedings, including cases of insolvency and bankruptcy fraud and wrongful claim of claims;
  8. Economic criminal law, including corporate responsibility and personal liability of directors / managers or representatives of legal persons;
  9. Counter-orders, especially violations of economic and trade practices, industrial or environmental;
  10. Review of Foreign Judgments.
  1. Analysis and Preparation of Contracts:
  2. Promise of disposal of shares;
  3. Transfer of shares;
  4. Distribution;
  5. Promise of Purchase and Sale;
  6. Buying and selling: movable, and other actions;
  7. Provision of Services;
  8. Assignment of Income;
  9. Trespass;
  10. Rental housing and non-residential;
  11. Contract;
  12. Transfer of credits;
  13. Franchising.
Family and Succession
  1. Divorce by mutual consent;
  2. Divorce proceedings;
  3. Separation of people and goods;
  4. Sharing Goods judicial or extra judicial;
  5. Wills.
  1. Tax Planning: Management of real estate or management company;
  2. Complaints graceful;
  3. Fiscal challenges.
Real Estate
  1. Buy and Sell Real Estate;
  2. Donation of Buildings;
  3. Division of Real Estate;
  4. Collection of documents and marking and tracking scripts.
  1. Preparation of employment contracts - without having the right term, uncertain, part-time service commission, among others;
  2. Preparation and monitoring of disciplinary procedures;
  3. Elaboration of rules of procedure;
  4. Labor audits - checking procedures and counseling for employment taxes legally;
  5. Preparation of letters and communications;
  6. Labor disputes:
  7. Dismissal of challenge;
  8. Lodge a claim Labor;
  9. Disputes Process Against Ordinations of Labor.
Horizontal Property / Condominiums
  1. Constitution and amendments to Horizontal Property;
  2. Monitoring of Legal Administrators of Condominiums - various information, drafting of condominium regulations, analysis and drafting of contracts, drafting reports, monitoring of Assemblies of condominiums, among others;
  3. Recoveries of shares;
Industrial Property
  1. Registration of Trademarks and Logotypes in Portugal or in the European Community;
  2. Disputes of the Registration of Marks.
Registries and Notaries
  1. Certification of photocopies;
  2. Simple recognition of signatures;
  3. Recognition of signatures with special mentions;
  4. Preparation of Powers of Attorney;
  5. Vehicle Registration;
  6. Marking and monitoring of Scripture.
  1. Formation of companies;
  2. Statutory changes;
  3. Agreements between partners / shareholders (Parassociais);
  4. Mergers and acquisitions;
  5. Permanent advice to companies - preparation of records, commercial records;
  6. Acquisition of companies offshore.
  1. Preparation and monitoring of complaints of packages;
  2. Preparation and monitoring of complaints from the airlines;
  3. Preparation and monitoring of Arbitration;
  4. Mediation of disputes between providers of services (travel agency, tour operators, airlines, hotel and others);
  5. Preparation of contracts for operation of tourist enterprises.
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